Our Mission

“Our goal is to provide the resources necessary for renters to effectively select the most appropriate of living accommodations.”We believe that choosing your home should be risk free, informational, convenient, and fair. We understand that improving your online search experience and providing accurate, sustainable information for our renter’s community benefits everyone.

Who We Are

We started Renters Clearing House in the hopes to help others save money on rent. Choosing a home is never easy and things don’t necessarily appear exactly as they do in a picture. In doing so, we wish to establish a community of renters who can share their personal experience, insight, history, and recommendations for other renters to use as tools in selecting their future home.

What We Pledge

We pledge to help you make a well informed decision regarding your living situation. We are here to inform the renters community about the condition of their prospected home and advise them on their possible future selection.