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AddressCityStateZip CodeStarting Rent AmountProperty Management
11381 Skyline Blvd Oakland CA $900/mo
6129 Fresno Ave # 2 Richmond CA $1,300/mo
7056 Emerson Ln San Ramon CA $4,980/mo
Wayside Plz Walnut Creek CA $1,900/mo
80 Brentford Cir Sacramento CA $850/mo
69th St Sacramento CA $1,200/mo
51715 Avenida Obregon LA QUINTA CA $1,700/mo
5211 E Lyell Ave Fresno CA $850/mo
1064 Ocean Ln Imperial Beach CA $1,800/mo
1046 Seacoast Dr APT A Imperial Beach CA $1,100/mo
2nd Ave Chula Vista CA $1,325/mo
2760 B St UNIT 116 San Diego CA $1,550/mo
307-309 Sanford St ENCINITAS CA $1,850/mo
11851 Ramsdell Ct San Diego CA $2,450/mo
54 Garibaldi St Daly City CA 94014 2000.00
726 mariposa Ave, Unit 2 Mountain View CA 94041 2250 Individual Owner
1105 Valota Road Redwood City CA 94061 2800.00
465 Church St SF CA 94114 2825.00
1201 Funston Ave San Francisco CA 94122 2865.00
1930 Montecito Ave. Mountain View CA 94043 2380.00
1919 Garden Dr Burlingame CA 94010 1850
808 Coleman Ave Menlo Park CA 94025 2000
621 Chestnut st San Carlos CA 94070 2000
4216 Wilkie way Palo Alto CA 94306 8000/month
525 Cleveland Redwood city CA 94062 1950



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