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AddressCityStateZip CodeStarting Rent AmountProperty Management
940 linden avenue Sunnyvale Ca 94086 1695
395 Sierra Vista Ave Mountain View Ca 94043 $2,240.00
1102 S. Able St. Milpitas CA 95035 1999
2680 Fayette Drive Mountain View Ca 94040 2150
240 skyline blvd pacifica ca 94044 2200
1425 Kentfield Redwood City CA 94061 3995
100 Esplanade Pacifica CA 94044 2075
4198 George Ave San Mateo ca 94403 2000
1010 Noel Dr Menlo Park CA 94025 2995
735 Fathom Dr. Foster City CA 94404 2195
6294 Mahan Drive San Jose Ca 95123 1550
15487 Benedict Lane Los Gatos Ca 95032 2995
750 N Shoreline Blvd Mountain View CA 94043 2600
2680 Fayette Mountain View Ca 94040 $2150.00 Income Property Specialists



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